Choosing the right paint colors

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If you want something to take your mind off COVID, here are a few pointers on using paint in your interior.

People always ask me what color paint to use in the interiors of their home.   Painting the room sets the mood and tone in creating an ambiance.  It is also an inexpensive way to transform your home.

Here are a few things I consider when designing for color: 

Image: Anthology Creative Studio

Consider the light and scale of the room.
In Dubai, the light is very bright which means that the colors that you may have used in London or New York will not work here. I like to use warm tones because they blend well with the natural light in Dubai.

Test your selection.
I recommend that you purchase a small can of paint to test your color choice. Paint a 24 x 24 inch square on the wall and check the color morning, midday day, dusk, and evening. It is very difficult to see the undertones on a small chip of paint. Alternatively, you can use a poster board. Once the paint has dried, you can see the various undertones.

I love to use white paint.
However, there are hundreds of shades of white. It is incredibly important to find a white tone that is clean and pure. You want to make sure it is an un-tinted white to avoid secondary hues. One shade of white that works in almost all spaces is Benjamin Moore Dove White.

Image: Rough Hollow Parade Home

Paint connects everything.
When I do a design assessment of my client’s home, I access everything from the floors, to the woodwork and all the existing fixtures. We review the furnishing they intend to keep, what items will be upgraded and then I come up with a new interior design plan. Let the wall color be the canvas that sets the tone. The right paint choice will highlight your artwork, furniture and décor pieces.

Choose your accent colors carefully.
I like to paint a dark grey wall and use a beautiful white trim . I have an apartment in Switzerland and for the first time in a long time I decided to keep the walls white. I have to say I really like it. It is clean, easy and bright with the dark wood floors.
image: Heather Garrett Design

Image: Rough Hollow Parade Home

Don’t forget the ceiling.
Think of your ceiling as a space for creating a new accent wall. Paint color on the ceiling is a stylish way to give your room a finished look. If you have a room without architectural detail, painting the ceiling brings drama to the room.

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